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The Church in (Act)ion

September 8, 2013
The church in (Act)ion is a church empowered by the Spirit, built on the resurrection, and proclaiming the Good News.

The Spirit in (Act)ion

September 1, 2013
God has called us—His Church—to a great work. But in order to accomplish this work, we must be empowered by the Holy Spirit!

Our Wonderful Counselor

August 18, 2013
God is here, right now, caring for us!

The Cost of Abiding

August 11, 2013
Following Jesus means that we will face resistance and even persecution from the world.

A True Friend

August 4, 2013
In Jesus we see the embodiment of true friendship.
When we abide in Jesus, God’s glory is seen in us!

Living By the Spirit

July 21, 2013
Walking in the Spirit is the only way to bring glory to God

A Union That Bears Fruit

July 14, 2013
A fruitful life is the expression of a life united with Christ

En Garde

July 7, 2013

Nothing can meet our needs as Jesus can.

The True Vine

June 23, 2013

Our Heavenly Father loves us deeply…
We need each other….

Prayer Pointers

June 2, 2013
Because we depend on God’s power, there is nothing trivial about prayer!

Devoted to Prayer

May 26, 2013
Big Idea: When we pray, God’s glory is revealed in many ways.
God helps us say no to fleshly desires as we are led by His Spirit.
It is vital that our homes reflect Christ.
It is vital that our homes reflect Christ.

A Godly Focus

April 28, 2013
As followers of Christ, it’s essential that we stay focused on the essentials of our calling.
As followers of Jesus, we are called to leave old ways behind and put on a whole new way of life.