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Lessons in Grace

January 3, 2021
The blessings 2021 hold for us will be more powerful and meaningful if we learn and apply the lessons of the past year.

The New Year

January 2, 2021

When we know that God is with us and we hold fast to His Word, then we can move confidently into whatever future God has for us.

Christmas Lesson 4

December 26, 2020

Not Your Average Joe

December 20, 2020
God uses ordinary people to reveal His extraordinary grace.

Christmas Lesson 3

December 20, 2020

Lessons from a Feeding Trough

December 13, 2020
Christmas reveals the gentleness, humility, and faithfulness of God.

The Power of Christmas

December 6, 2020
Mary's response to God's Word in difficult times has much to teach us about faith and hope.

Time for Hope

November 29, 2020
Advent gives us hope because it reminds us that God's timing and His gifts are always right.

What is Giving; Part 5

November 28, 2020

A Foundation for Thankfulness

November 22, 2020
Remembering that our citizenship is in heaven reminds to be a more thankful and thoughtful people, even in the midst of challenging times.

What is Giving; Part 4

November 21, 2020