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A Christian’s joy flows over from their relationship to God.
Our true security is found in the Lord.
True spiritual freedom is found in serving God and His people.
Our walk with God and relationship with His people is strengthened by worship.
God watches over us and cares for us in ways we often don’t even realize


May 25, 2014
It is crucial that we regularly pause to remember Jesus’ redeeming sacrifice.

Lessons from Vietnam

May 18, 2014
Sometimes in our walk with Jesus, we can make a wrong turn and get lost. In those cases we need to remember that God’s Word and the Holy Spirit will…
If we want to have a successful life in God's perspective, we need to accomplish his goals his way.
The resurrection is a life transforming reality.


April 27, 2014
The resurrection unleashes us from fear into a life of faith and service.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead gives us real hope and eternal life
Jesus came to bring us what we really need. But will we accept His rule?

A Shepherd in (Act)ion

April 6, 2014
In Peter we see a shepherd’s heart that is ever-growing and making a difference.
No one accomplishes all that God has called them to alone!
An Unlikely Convert; A Willing Servant;

Readiness in (Act)ion

March 16, 2014
Philip the Evangelist; Philip the Evangelist; The Ethiopian’s Impact

True Power in (Act)ion

March 9, 2014
The Power of Vision:   The persecution of the church has an unexpected positive effect; it pushes the Message outward, even to regions most Jews would rather avoid. Power Misunderstood:…

The Unlikely Apostle

March 2, 2014
The Church Under Siege; An Unlikely Way To Grow; An Unlikely Apostle
Heaven: A Glimpse of Glory Stephen: A Witness for Christ