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God’s (Humble) Example

October 10, 2021
Jesus's divine act of humility sets the tone and example for God's people and the church.

The Key to Unity: Humility

October 3, 2021
The church best stands in unity when it fully submits to Messiah Jesus.

A Hope-Filled Perspective

September 26, 2021
Our hope in Christ shapes and fuels our present perspective and conduct.

Focused on What’s Important

September 19, 2021
Fulfilling our calling requires that we don't get thrown off by deception or distraction, but stay focused on what's important.

Growing in Love and Discernment

September 12, 2021

The Gospel: Our Joy and Hope

September 5, 2021
Our truest joy and hope is found not in our circumstances, but in the Gospel as revealed by Christ Jesus.