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Vision in (Act)ion

November 2, 2014
Everything changes when we look at things from an eternal perspective.

Communion Service

October 26, 2014

Our best source of encouragement comes from the best news of all—the Good News of Jesus Christ!
The Good News has the power to give eternal life, but don’t be surprised if it opposed, just press forward…

Waiting on God in (Act)ion

October 5, 2014
Sometimes, to hear from God, we need to stop everything and wait on Him.

The Power of Prayer in (Act)ion

September 28, 2014
Your prayers are important and they make a difference.

Encouragement in (Act)ion

September 21, 2014
The Good News of Jesus Christ is the most encouraging news of all

Change in (Act)ion, Part 2

September 14, 2014
The Good News of Jesus Christ is good news for everyone!

Change in (Act)ion, Part 1

September 7, 2014
The Good News of Jesus Christ is good news for everyone!

Work Matters

August 31, 2014
When we know who we really answer to, then our work takes on a whole new meaning.
God is with us always, even in the wilderness, and that is cause for praise and thankfulness.
Life-changing community occurs when we focus on Christ and others in our midst.
When we let go of self and fully trust and rest in God, then we will know peace.
Walking with God means always having hope.
When everything seems against you, keep walking, because the victory is yours in Jesus Christ.
God blesses His children who fear Him and walk in His ways.
Peace, joy, and strength come to those who walk everywhere in life with God.

A Christian’s joy flows over from their relationship to God.
Our true security is found in the Lord.