Online Sermons

Jesus, Teach Us To Pray…

September 15, 2019
Jesus teaches us that God longs to hear and respond to prayers that are: Intimate, Imminent, Dependent, Persistent, Expectant.

Learning to Trust

September 8, 2019
Following Jesus is a challenging path requiring faith, submission, and adjusted expectations.

The Road Back to Peace

September 1, 2019
We are a people looking for answers and for peace. We can have it, if we turn to a wisdom God gave us long ago.

Jesus Christ: Victorious

August 25, 2019
Don’t let today’s troubles discourage you from tomorrow’s promise!

Jesus is our true treasure and is worthy of all praise, glory, and honor.
In the church, the truest measure of success is faithfulness to God and His Word.
Never lose sight of your first love-Jesus!
Jesus is worthy of our praise and worship!

The All Sufficient Jesus

July 14, 2019
Jesus is a Compassionate Provider… So trust Him His Will, His Way, His Glory Jesus is a Righteous Rectifier… So Listen to Him Jesus is a Promise Keeper… So Rest…
Good news, Jesus Christ has been clearly revealed as the risen Savior and ruler of all creation!
Communion is a time to remember and reflect on our brokenness, God's grace, and where those two meet in Jesus Christ.
Only Jesus meets our deepest, most profound, need. We need to face that truth and trust in Him.

A Father’s Heart

June 16, 2019
A father's heart is revealed in a love for God and His children.

Extravagant Worship

June 9, 2019
Jesus is worthy of our very best.
Jesus is returning-this should strengthen our hearts and spur us to action.
Jesus is returning - This should encourage our hearts and spur us to action.
When we love God with our whole being, then our lives will reflect it.

Thanks, Mom!

May 12, 2019
Mom, God sees your hard work and diligence, and so do we!
Jesus’s character further reveals His identity as Messiah and that He is worthy of worship.
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