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Power to Move Forward

May 31, 2020
More than ever, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to empower, embolden, and encourage us.

Freedom from Fear

May 24, 2020
In troubled times, we can find rest in God's power, providence, and goodness.
Times of crisis have a way of revealing that though we are limited, God is not, and He can work through our limitations.
Moms, dads, and mentors have an important ministry in displaying the message and integrity of Messiah Jesus.

Family Matters

May 3, 2020
Messiah Jesus is to be King in our hearts, our homes, and in our fellowship.
In times like this, the church must reflect the mission and message of our Messiah and Lord.
In times like this, the church must reflect the values and vision of our Messiah and Lord.

Resurrection Promise

April 12, 2020
Jesus’s resurrection is a promise of God’s presence, provision, and purpose in our lives.
We can find peace and assurance in knowing that King Jesus keeps His promises.
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