Vision & Core Values

Why the focus on Vision and Core Values?

At Sonrise we strive to keep it simple. We do this by being specific about the vision God has given us and the core values we have to get there. No extra baggage, just a destination from God and a road map to get us there. After all, life with God is a journey…won’t you join us in the adventure?

The Vision of Sonrise:

  • Exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Encourage the community
  • Edify the church
  • Expand God’s kingdom

The Core Values of Sonrise:

  • Character…A Christ-like life
  • Worship…Honoring God in all our ways
  • Relationship…Loving God and others
  • Spirit Led…God’s presence in all we do
  • Prayer…Life changing communication
  • Discipleship…Growing in faith, hope, and love
  • The Bible…God’s love letter to us